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Seller: advplans (16,359) 99.6%, Location: McMinnville, Tennessee, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 400671768220 Classic Archives Listing Please visit our About page for more information about us and our products! The Complete Horology Reference Library DVD Learn watch making, vintage watch repair and care, and classic watch history! Historical Publications with Classic Video Included! Over 150 Total Vintage Publications Books, Vintage Journals, and watch repair guides The largest collection of Horology publications ever offered! Also included are 3 and a half hours of vintage watch manufacturing films included in .mp4 format! Neatly organized books, and videos, by topics as shown, on DVD. Additional DVD's We Offer: Vintage Magazines: Click Here Educational DVD's: Click Here Don't be fooled by inferior collections. Our collection remains the largest and most complete collection available on one DVD online! Low Resolution Sample images: All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing Horology is the art or science of measuring time. Clocks, watches, clockwork, sundials, clepsydras, timers, time recorders, marine chronometers, and atomic clocks are all examples of instruments used to measure time. In current usage, horology refers mainly to the study of mechanical time-keeping devices, while chronometry more broadly includes electronic devices that have largely supplanted mechanical clocks for the most accuracy and precision in time-keeping. People interested in horology are called horologists. That term is used both by people who deal professionally with timekeeping apparatus (watchmakers, clockmakers), as well as aficionados and scholars of horology. Horology and horologists have numerous organizations, both professional associations and more scholarly societies. This is a collection of over 150 books and publications that cover the study of horology. Also included on this DVD is 3.5 hours of classic timekeeping films and videos. Some of these vintage books are over 100 years old, dating back to the early days of watch making and repair. Also included is a set of non-english titles in French, German, Italian, and Latin as well. The titles included are as follows: Accutron Repair Manuals (others sell these separately alone for a higher price, don't be tricked by amateurs!) Accutron Service Manual Series 214, 39 pages Accutron Service Manual Series 218, 52 pages American Horological Journal American Horological Journal, Devoted to Practical Horology, by George Miller, 1869, Volume 1, 290 pages American Horological Journal, Devoted to Practical Horology, by George Miller, 1869, Volume 2, 306 pages American Horological Journal, Devoted to Practical Horology, by George Miller, 1869, Volume 3, 294 pages American Horological Journal, Devoted to Practical Horology, by George Miller, 1869, Volume 4, 290 pages Clock and Time Piece Making A Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, Specimens of Clocks, Watches and Watchwork, by William Overall, 1875, 112 pages A Practical Course in Horology, by H. C. Kelly, 1922, 196 pages A Rudimentary Treatise on Clock and Watch Making; with a Chapter on Church Clocks; and an Account of the Proceedings Respecting the Great Westminster Clock, by EB Denison, 1850, 308 pages A Treatise on Watch-work, Past & Present, by Rev. H. L. Nelthropp, 1873, 326 pages. American Watchmaker and Jeweler, an Encyclopedia for the Horologist, Jeweler, Gold and Silversmith, by Henry Abbott, 1898, 392 pages. Clock & Watch Work, by E. Beckett, 1855, 196 pages. Description of the Electro-magnetic Clock, by C. Wheatstone, 2 page article published Jan 1, 1837 English-French-German Horological Pocket Dictionary, by M. Grossman & M. Loeske, 1891, 193 pages Horological Department, Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1886, 52 pages Horology, by T. Reid, 1868, 103 pages Horology, or a Popular Sketch of Clock & Watch Making, by E. Grafton, 1849, 80 pages Jeweled Bearings for Watches, by Charles Higginbotham, 1911, 68 pages Lessons in Horology, by J. Grossmann & H. Grossmann, 1905, 297 pages Modern Letter Engraving for Watchmakers & Jewelers, by Fh Rees, 1898, 190 pages Modern Methods in Horology, by G. Hood, 1904, 265 pages New and Complete Clock and Watchmakers' Manual, by ML Booth, 1860, 363 pages On a New Astronomical Clock, and a Pendulum Governor for Uniform Motion, by William Thomson, 3 page article published on Jan 1, 1868. The American Watchmaker and Jeweler, by J. Parish Stelle, 1868, 71 pages The American Watchmaker and Jeweler, by J. Parish Stelle, 1873, 108 pages The American Watchmaker and Jeweler; an Encyclopedia for the Horologist, Jeweler, Gold and Silversmith, by Henry Abbott, 1892, 375 pages The Artificial Clock Maker, A Treatise of Watch & Clockwork, by W.D, 1734, 174 pages The Construction of a Perfect Watch, by M. Grossman, 1891, 91 pages The Watch & Clock Makers' Handbook, Dictionary and Guide, by F.J. Britten, 1896, 464 pages The Watch, by H. F. Piaget, 1877, 95 pages The Watch, Its Construction, by H. F. Piaget, 1860, 73 pages The Watchmaker's and Jeweler's Hand-book, by C. Hopkins, 1866, 49 pages The Watchmaker's Handbook, by C. Saunier, 1881, 576 pages Time Measurement, Catalogue of the Science Museum Collection, by Fab Ward, 88 pages Treatise on Clock and Watch Making- Theoretical and Practical, by Thomas Reid, 1832, 529 pages Watch & Clock Making, by D. Glasgow, 1893, 340 pages Watch Makers Tables; a Collection of Useful Information Concerning the Teeth of Wheels and Pinions; the Trains of Watches and Clocks; Lengths of Pendulums, Hazlitt & Walker, 1914, 76 pages Watchmaker's and Jeweler's Practical Hand Book. A Reliable Compendium of Valuable Receipts and Suggestions, by Henry Abbott, 1892, 139 pages Watchmakers' and Jewelers' Practical Receipt Book. A Workshop Companion, Geo Hazlitt, 1892, 133 pages Cleaning Repairing and Adjusting Avoiding Irregularities in Clock Motion, 5 page article excerpt by George Graham, 1726 Directions for Using Bottum's Patent Improved Universal Lathe Chucks and Improved Lathes, for Turning and Finishing Every Description of Watch Pivots, Hart and Holden, 1852, 28 pages Elements of Mechanical Philosophy, by John Robison, 1804, 798 pages Friction, Lubrication and the Lubricants in Horology, by WT Lewis, 1896, 102 pages How to Keep the Clock Right by Observations of the Fixed Stars, by T. Warner, 1869, 86 pages Isochronism of Balance-Springs, Waltham Watch Papers, 1862, 37 pages Length of Isochronal Clock Pendulums in London & Jamaica, by G. Graham & C. Campbell, 1733, 13 page excerpt Observation on a Clock, by J. Shelton, 1762, 10 page excerpt On the Springing and Adjusting of Watches, by FJ Britton, 1898, 160 pages Practical Course in Adjusting, by T. Gribi, 1901, 250 pages Rules and Practice for Adjusting Watches, by Walter Kleinlein, 1920, 128 pages The Clock Jobber's Handybook, by P. N. Hasluck, 1889, 227 pages The Modern Clock; a Study of Time Keeping Mechanism; Its Construction, Regulation, and Repair, by Ward L. Goodrich, 1905, 517 pages The Watch Adjuster's Manual, by C. E. Fritts, 1894, 387 pages The Watch Jobbers Handybook, by Paul Hasluck, 1889, 193 pages The Watchmakers' Lathe, Its Use and Abuse; a Story of the Lathe in Its Various Forms, Past and Present, Its Construction and Proper Uses, by Ward L. Goodrich, 1903, 300 pages Two Methods to Prevent Clock Irregularity of Motion, by J. Ellicot, 1752, 18 page excerpt Wrist Watches, Pocket Watches, Stop Watches, and Clocks, US War Dept, 1945, 227 pages Balance and Escapement A Practical & Theoretical Treatise on the Detached Level Escapement, by Moritz Grossmann, 1884, 124 pages An Analysis of the Lever Escapement, by R. H. Playtner, 1910, 69 pages Balance & Escapement Traits, by M. Lee, 1922, 10 page excerpt Escapement for an Astrological Clock Invented by H. Kater, by J. F. W. Herschel, 1840, 8 page excerpt On the Construction & Theory of the Dead Escapement for Clocks, by V. L. Vulliamy, 1846, 53 pages Practical Lessons on the Lever Escapement on Its Tests, Error, Their Detection & Correction, by T. J. Wilkinson, 1916, 266 pages The Watch Balance and Its Jeweling, by C.T Higginbotham, 1912, 34 pages Watch and Clock Escapements, The Keystone, 1904, 197 pages Church Clocks, Church Towers and Bells The Whitechapel Bell Foundry, by Mears and Stainbank, 1885, 73 pages Church, Clock, Hemispherical, and Other Description of Bells, Whitechapel Bell Foundry, by Mears and Stainbank, 1919, 72 pages Lectures on Church Building with Some Practical Remarks on Bells & Clocks, by E. Beckett Denisont-lord Grimthort, 1856, 350 pages Portion of the Papers Relating to the Great Clock for the New Palace of Westminster, by House of Lords, 1848, 60 pages Some Considerations on Public & Church Clocks, by V. L. Vuliamy, 1828, 22 pages The Evolution of Tower Clock Movements & Their Design over the Past 1000 Years, by M. Frank, 1922, 59 pages The Tongue of Time or the Language of the Church Clock, by W. Harrison, 1853, 116 pages The Tower Clock & How to Make It, by E. B. Ferson, 1903, 67 pages The Tower Clock of the University of Chicago, by E. B. Ferson, 1903, 61 pages The Village Watchtower, by K. Wiggin, 1895, 230 pages Clock and Timekeeping History A Brief Account of the Chronometer of Parkinson & Frodsham, Royal Observatory Greenwich, 1832, 32 pages A History of Simon Williard, Inventor & Clockmaker, by J. W. Williard, 1911, 222 pages Account of Improvements in Chronometers, by J. S. Eiffe, 1842, 43 pages Chats on Old Clocks, by A. Hayden, 1917, 306 pages Clocks - Ancient & Modern, by W. S. Eichelberger, 1906, 12 pages Clocks and Watches, by George Overton, 1922, 153 pages Collection of Watches Loaned to the Metropolitan Museum of Art of the City of New York, by Ga Hearn, 1907, 96 pages Curiosities of Clocks & Watches from the Earliest Times, by E. J. Wood, 1866, 462 pages Former Clock & Watchmakers & Their Work, by F. J. Britten, 1894, 410 pages History of the American Clock Business for the Past 60 Years, by C. Jerome, 1860, 60 pages Lancaster's Part in the World Watchmaking Industry, by J. J. Bowman, 1945, 36 pages Mechanical Philosophy - Horology & Astronomy, by W. B. Carpenter, 1857, 602 pages Notes on the Management of Chronometers & the Measurement of Meridian Distances, by C. F. A. Shadwell, 1861, 180 pages Old Clocks & Watches & Their Makers, by F. J. Britten, 1904, 753 pages Old Scottish Clock Makers from 1453 to 1850, by J. Smith, 1921, 506 pages The Complete Nautical Astronomer, by C. H. Cotter, 1974, 339 pages The Old Clock Book, by N. H. Moore, 1911, 417 pages The Principles of Mr. Harrison's Time-keeper, 1767, 57 pages The Story of Edward Howard and the First American Watch, E. Howard Watch Works, 1910, 25 pages The Watch & the Clock, by A. Taylor, 1883, 25 pages The Watch Factories of America, Past and Present. a Complete History of Watchmaking in America, from 1809 to 1888 Inclusive, by Henry Abbott, 1888, 152 pages The Watchmaker's Wife, and Other Stories, by Frank Stockton, 1893, 244 pages Time & Clocks - a Description of Ancient & Modern Methods of Measuring Time, by H. H. Cunynghame, 1906, 216 pages Time & Its Measurement, by J. Arthur, 1909, 64 pages Time & Timekeepers, by A. Thomson, 1842, 206 pages Time & Time Tellers, by J. W. Benson, 1902, 147 pages Time Telling Through the Ages, by H. C. Brearley, 1919, 398 pages Wrinkle in Practical Navigation, by S. T. S. Lecky, 1918, 942 pages Walthum Clocks History of the American Waltham Watch Company of Waltham, Mass., by Henry Abbott, 1905, 118 pages The Evolution of Automatic Machinery as Applied to the Manufacture of Watches at Waltham, Mass., by EA Marsh, 1896, 156 pages The Perfected American Watch, Waltham Watch Co., 1875, 40 pages The Waltham 6-size Model 1873m, 24 pages Hamilton Watch Company Service and Repair of the Hamilton Electric Watch, 1959, 58 pages Other Languages French Cours Pratique d' Horlogerie a l' Usage des Fabricants des Rhabilleurs, by R. De Liman, 1881, 193 pages De la Mesure du Temps, by M. F. Berthoud, 1787, 341 pages Description de L'Horloge Monumentale de la Cathedrale de Beauvais, by M. A. L. Verite, 1868, 53 pages Eclaircissemens sur des Nouvelles Machines pour la Determination des Longitudes en Mer par le Mesure du Temps, by M. F. Berthoud, 1773, 174 pages Enseignement Theorique de l' Horlogerie, by J. Rambal, 1889, 355 pages Essai sur l' Horlogerie, by M. F. Berthoud, 1763, Tome 1, 583 pages Essai sur l' Horlogerie, by M. F. Berthoud, 1763, Tome 2, 502 pages Etudes sur Diverses Questions d' Horlogerie, by H. Roberts, 1852, 296 pages Exposition du décor moderne de l'horlogerie et de la bijouterie, section d'enseignement, section rétrospective, by Musee Galliera, 1921, 80 pages Exposition Universelle de l' Industrie en 1867, by C. Saunier, 1867, 396 pages Histoire de l' Horlogerie, by P. Dubois, 1849, 460 pages Histoire de la Mesure du Temps par les Horloges, by M. F. Berthoud, 1802, Tome 1, 403 pages Histoire de la Mesure du Temps par les Horloges, by M. F. Berthoud, 1802, Tome 2, 498 pages I Nouveau Traite General d' Horlogerie, by M. L. Moinet, 1877, Tome 1, 475 pages I Nouveau Traite General d' Horlogerie, by M. L. Moinet, 1877, Tome 2, 848 pages L' Art de Conduire et de Regler les Pendules et le Montre, by M. F. Berthoud, 1805, 122 pages L' Art De Connaître Les Pendules Et Les Montres, by H. Robert, 1849, 323 pages L' Art de L' Horlogerie d' apres de Berthoud et Vuillamy, 1827, (some pages bad quality), 652 pages L' Horlogerie, by H. Havard, 1923, 193 pages La Geometrie Pratique, by Allain Mallet, Tome 2, 1702, 354 pages Les grandes inventions anciennes et modernes dans les sciences, l'industrie et les arts, by L. Figuier, 1870, 468 pages Les Longitudes par la Mesure du Temps, by M. F. Berthoud, 1775, 476 pages Manuel de L' Horloger, by L. S. Le Normand, 1830, 406 pages Nouveau Regulateur des Horloges de Montre et des Pendules, by M. M. Berthoud et l. Janvier, 1838, 335 pages Nouveau Traite General Astronomique et Civil de l'Horlogerie, by M. L. Moinet, 1848, 482 pages Traite d' Horlogerie Moderne, by C. Saunier, 1887, 971 pages Traite de l' Horlogerie Mechanique et Practique, Thiout L' Aine & Quay Pelletier, Approuve par l' Academie Royale de Sciences, 1741, Tome 1, 312 pages Traite de l' Horlogerie Mechanique et Practique, Thiout L' Aine & Quay Pelletier, Approuve par l' Academie Royale de Sciences, 1741, Tome 2, 314 pages Traité des Horloges Marines, by M. F. Berthoud, 1783, 688 pages Traité d'horlogiographie, by Jean Dupuis, 1663, 450 pages Traite Pratique de Dorure et Argenture Galvanique Appliquees a l' Horlogerie, by A. O. Mathey, 1855, 31 pages Voyage pour Eprouver en Mer les Horloge Marines Inventees par F. Berthoud, M. de Eveux de Fleurie, 1773, 894 pages German Ausfuhrliche Gefchichte der Theoretisch Practischen Uhrmacherkunst, by J. H. M. Boppe, 1801, 578 pages Der Uhrmacher am Werktisch, by W. Schultz, 1908, 400 pages Der Uhrmacher oder Lehrbegrif der Uhrmacherkunst, by J. G. Geibler, 1797, 192 pages Die Hemmungen der Uhren, ihre Entwicklung, Konstruktion, Reparatur und Behandlung vor der Reglage, by C Dietzschold, 1852, 280 pages Die Hohere Uhrmacherkunst, by U. Jurgensen & L. U. Jurgensen, 1842, 454 pages Die Mittelalterlichen Horen und Die Modernen Stunden, by G. Bilfinger, 1892, 288 pages Die Uhrmacherkunst und Die Behandlung der Pracisionsuhren, by E. Glecich, 1892, 656 pages Fragmentarische Versuch zur Begrunbung einer Neuen Bissenschaft Chronometrie Gennant, by M. U. Gebhard, 1808, 52 pages Geschichte der Uhrmacherkunst, by F. W. Barfuk, 1856, 432 pages Praktisches Handbuch fur Uhrmacher, by H. Grosch, C. Dietzschold & A. Huttig, 1907, 329 pages Uhrmacher Lexikon, by F. Schade, 1855, 209 pages Verbandstag Verband deutscher Juweliere, Gold- & Silberschmiede Strassburg, vom 7.-11. August 1914, 145 pages Versuch einer Geschichte der Entsthung unb Fortschritte ber Theoretisch Prattischen Uhrmacherkunst, by J. H. M. Boppe, 1797, 110 pages Vollstandiges Handbuch der Uhrmacherkunst, E. Schreiber, 1865, 520 pages Italian Le due nuove campane di Campidoglio, benedette dalla santità di N.S. Pio VII., P.O.M., by Francesco Cancellieri, 1806, 221 pages Latin Horologium Oscillatorium, by C. Huygens, 1673, 181 pages VIDEOS (all are in .mp4 format to view on your PC, iPad or Android tablet, or phone. (This is a DVD-ROM that is only for your PC, it will not play in a regular TV DVD player) How A Watch Works, by The Hamilton Watch Company, 1949, runtime:19:18 What Makes a Fine Watch Fine, by The Hamilton Watch Company, 1947, runtime: 20:42 Ages of Time, by the Hamilton Watch Company, runtime: 17:22 + 7 more watchmaking and watch history films, including vintage factory videos, and even geographical histories of watch making towns. All together, total video runtime is approx 3 hrs, 30 mins. Video Snapshots: MORE LOW RESOLUTION SAMPLE SCANS: Make sure you check out our other listings. Our library is ever expanding. Overall, we believe our product provides the best value out there. We provide more for less! Catalog Number and disclaimer Catalog #TCA-801V61 If you purchase another item with this same catalog number, you will get two identical items. We are the owner and creator of this disk, and we have full distribution rights to this item. Distribution rights are non-transferable. This disk is our creation, and we participate in eBay's Vero Program. Each disk is shipped in a plain mailer with no case, with a clean text label without graphics. Comments from happy customers who bought many other of our items from our vast catalog: In 1959 I purchased an original home built “Thing” and ran it for several years on the Willamette River. Years later it got rotten and subsequently discarded. Now the Son of the man who originally built it from the magazine plans in his wood shop in Milwaukie, Oregon works with me and he helped his Dad build it in 1958. We decided to search for the plans and if we found them; I (an engineer) would upgrade it for two adults and build it. I bought your disk and building started last May 25 and it was ready to launch July 20th. You are welcome to use the photos and my “title” as a former white water guild; River Rat Bob from Oregon. Hope you enjoy the pictures attached. I am 60 years old but still chasing the dream as you see from my smile in the boat. Thank you for the great plans. Unbelievable amount of information for the money. I can't wait to get started. -Jeff D., New Mexico. I built the doghouse using the plans I purchased from you a week ago, and it was great. Easy to read and follow, it was a great purchase. The kids helped, and the dog just loves it. Thank you so much. It'll take years to go through all the stuff I want to build on your CD. Andrew H., Colorado. The jungle gym for the kids is amazing. We bought the plans 2 weeks ago, and built the whole thing last weekend. We are so impressed with the amount of information shown. It is a virtual encyclopedia of plans. Thanks. Josh L., New Mexico. My God!! That's more boats than I can build in a lifetime! Unbelievable! The best I have ever seen. Thank you! Craig J., South Carolina. I've seen plenty of plans on boats. This is the best all around package of information I've come across. Jake M., Florida. This has saved me so much time. I've spent weeks looking for stuff like this. Well worth the few bucks to get this CD. Jimmy K., Arkansas. I bought a CD a few weeks ago that had a bunch of links and junk on it that was ripped off from websites and other useless information. I thought long and hard before trying again and buying from you. I can actually use this stuff. I'm so glad I did. A.K., Arizona. Frequently Asked Questions: Why should I buy from you? There are lots of places to buy similar stuff on ebay. What makes you so special? What separates us from the rest is that we want you to be happy. 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